Manufacturer & supplier of Alcohol Denaturants & Bitterants

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Welcome to Lakshmiji Organics.

Lakshmiji Organics is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial acids and chemicals to Sugar, Textile, Paper, Plywood Industry in Uttar Pradesh, India. Factory and registered office is strategically located in Central U.P. and branch office in financial capital Mumbai.
Most of the products offered are based upon long term supply and contract agreements with major consumers. We provide fast reliable delivery service to our customers without compromise to quality and safety.

Trading Facility - Sitapur RCC Warehouse with storage capacities upto 100 MT. Rubber lined tankers in varying capacities of 4MT, 9MT, 16MT and 28MT to transport corrosive chemicals like Hydrochloric Acid 32%, Sodium Hypochlorite 10% and Caustic Soda Lye.

Manufacturing Facility - Sandila Boiler, SS Reactors, Distillation Columns, SS/MS Storage tanks, Testing Lab, Generator


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